This course is for Dog-Human Teams who cannot/don't want to attend regularly a group course. 

With a 5-units card who can enrol in the Open Group courses that suit you best. There is no fix program in this course. Everybody can work on the exercises they want to improve with their dog. 


Dr Sylvie Neis

35 Cité Wuesheck

L-8351 Dahlem

Tel: +352 26 88 96 07

For the moment only by Email. 


Opening Hours:

Monday               closed

Tuesday              10-12 & 14-19h30

Wednesday         10-12 & 14-19h30

Thursday             10-12 & 14-19h30

Friday                 10-12 & 14-18h00

Saturday             10-12 & 14-18h00

Sunday               closed