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For the moment I don't propose any Mupp meets Mupp courses!

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This course is for dogs which are reactive when on leash. 

Humans must be aware that there are more problems behind the reactivity. So it is important that you are honest with us during the first meeting and that you tell us all the problems that you have with your dog. Otherwise it will be difficult for us to change anything. 

We also exclude dogs from the training if we see that you don't follow the recommendations that we give you during the training sessions, eg during daily life you push your dog on purpose in stressy situation where he has to react, and you then pull and yell at your dog. These are training methods that we don't use during the course. If you use different methods during daily life and only use our methods in the training session, we will be unable to help you. 

As long as you don't want to change your own behaviour, your dog's behaviour will not change.

We only can help if you are motivated to really change. If not you will only lose your time and money in the dog school.