and their humans

This course is reserved for dogs aged between 8 and 14 weeks (at the beginning of the course) !!!!
8.1. - 29.1.2022 10h00
5.2. - 26.2.2022 10h00
5.3. - 26.3.2022 10h00

Puppy Package

1 first individual interview of one hour with the puppy (during the week)

4 group lessons of 30-40 minutes depending on the weather (on Saturday)

3 individual lessons of 45-50 minutes (during the week)

+ Handouts of all exercises

+ Answering questions by email

In the 3 individual lessons we see the exercises recall, loose leash and blanket training.

The 3 individual lessons must be done until latestst 2 weeks after the last group training otherwise the lessons expire (no money back).

PRICE: 299 euros

(255,56 Euros + 17% TVA)

If you would like to have questions answered before the puppy moves in with you, you can make an additional appointment which is not included in the puppy package (either by phone or on the training grounds).

30 minutes = 45 euros

45 minutes = 60 euros

Dates in the week from Tuesday to Thursday.

Last appointment outside in autumn / winter, depending on the light conditions.

If you book an appointment for an individual lesson and do not cancel it 24 hours in advance, this individual lesson is unfortunately lost. The same applies if you do not show up for the appointment.  

Thank you for your understanding!



In this puppy school the focus is not on seat, place, stay, etc. In the puppy age it is more important to first build a relationship with the new roommate. But pressure and coercion will surely do nothing.  

It is important that you are willing to learn new and old ways of thinking that a dog only has to obey because you say that, tossing it overboard.  

You have to be willing to use rewards that your puppy will see as rewards, not what you think they will find good as rewards.  

We work here through positive reinforcement. You won't find screaming, saying no, jerking, pushing, inhibiting here. It's a different kind of training than what you've been used to for decades. It is a TOGETHER and not a TOGETHER. This requires a lot of patience from people. Your pup isn't going to be a perfect little robot in a few weeks. It is a living being that relies on you to feel comfortable and safe in our human world. It is your job to give your puppy this security.  



1. I have confidence and self-confidence

2. I like surprises

3. I like to be touched

4. I can't do everything I want

5. I am relaxed and calm

6. I know the rules

7. I can listen

8. I have good manners and can say "please"

9. I need help to make the right decisions

10. I have the right to be a dog and "speak my mind nicely"

With specific exercises we will teach your puppy the most important basics to feel comfortable in life. Please note that recall and walking on a loose leash is not learned in group courses. Only in the individual lessons.


Who is the course for?

This course is only suitable for people who

- want to live harmoniously with your puppy from the start

- want their puppy to trust them one hundred percent

- have no desire for coercion and violence

- want to have fun while training your puppy

- fed up with nonsensical and / or brutal advice

- are willing to learn how positive training works

- have no problem rewarding the puppy with regular treats

This puppy course is not suitable, though

- You are not ready to learn anything new

- you are not interested in an upbringing without violence, punishment and psychological pressure

- If you'd rather yell and jerk at your puppy

- You are not ready to reward your puppy for doing something right

- You think that it is enough to come to the course once a week and not want to do anything else



Your puppy is allowed to come to the dog school from 8 weeks. He only needs his 1st vaccination. You don't have to wait until the puppy has all the vaccinations, otherwise you will have missed the whole socialization phase. As a veterinarian for 19 years, I wouldn't offer puppy classes if it was a sanitary risk to your pup. We live in Luxembourg and not in a country with street dogs where the risk of viral infections is much higher. The risk of behavioral problems is much greater than the risk of infection.




Lately, places in the puppy school have been reserved weeks in advance and then canceled the day before. As a result, other puppies have no place. Places canceled at such short notice can no longer be occupied, which also means financial losses for the dog school. Therefore I unfortunately have to fix an advance payment of 50% of the price from 2021 when registering so that a place can be reserved. This advance payment can be refunded if canceled no later than 2 weeks before the start of the course. Thereafter, there will be no refund if participation is canceled less than two weeks before the start of the course. If an initial meeting has taken place, this will be charged at 80 euros.  

In order to ensure the socialization of the puppy, there will be a puppy group with a maximum of 5-6 puppies.

Because of the ongoing corona measures, a maximum of 2 people can come to the course with the puppy.

The group courses must be done 4 times in a row. If you miss a group course, it cannot be made up for. We therefore ask you to organize yourself so that you can come to the group 4 times on Saturday. Money is also non-refundable if you miss a group lesson.

There are also no refunds if you decide not to take the course anymore.  

Please also plan in autumn / winter that a group course can be canceled due to bad weather and that the course can therefore last a week longer or the course may be rescheduled on a Sunday.

The courses can also take place in other places, such as in the forest.


After the puppy school you can continue on to the OPEN GROUP course. You will receive more information about this after the puppy school. There are currently no fixed teenage groups. There are a lot of young dogs in the OPEN GROUP course. The course is more flexible. You don't have to come every weekend. This course always takes place on Sunday morning.