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Basics Course

For the moment there is only a Basic course if enough dogs are enrolled. If this is not the case, you can learn the Basics in individual lessons. 

This course is for dogs who never went to a dog school. We start to learn the Basics. You will learn the most important signals useful in daily life. It is important that you train regularly with your dog at home otherwise you won't see any changes in your dog. 

The Basics will be taught in 5 weeks on Saturdays. This is a fixed course which means that you need to attend the 5 classes. If you miss one class, you cannot come to another class later. It will be a missed class. We also do not refund money for any missed class. 


Different themes:

- Marker signal: how and why? 

- Exercises for attention

- Reinforce calm behaviour  belohnen

- Blanket training 

- Sit, Down

- Loose Leash Walking

- Stop Signal

- Signal OUT

- Recall (the beginning)