Teenager OPEN 
Group course
for dogs from 4 months until 18 months 

This course is for participants who already know the basics or who have done the puppy course.

Those who cannot yet know the basics can learn them in individual lessons or in the Teenager Basics course.

You are looking for a play group for your dog? This is not a playing group. We do not offer any play groups in this dog school. 


This course is not intended to solve your dog's behavior problems, such as fear problem, reactivity on a leash, etc.!!!!!

This is just about normal everyday training.


We offer Open Group courses on Saturday afternoons at 14h00, 15h00. These can be visited by all dogs from 4 months. All levels too. A maximum of 8 dogs, a minimum of 4 dogs per lesson.

Due to the current corona measures, only 2 persons per dog can take part in the course at the moment.


We work in different places, e.g. a public park, a jogging course, etc.


PRICE: 24 euros per course payable on the spot in cash or by digicash