Course Bronze

No space until 31.01.2020 !!!

Course after the puppy class. 

For dogs aged between 4 and 8 months.

During autumn/winter this course lasts 4 weeks in a row. Every class lasts 45 minutes. 

This is a fix course which means that you have to attend 4 Saturday in a row. If you miss one class, this class cannot be taken later. It will be a missed class. No money refund for a missed class! Also no money refund if you decide to stop participating in the class. 

You will receive a list of exercises we will go through. These exercises must be know before moving to the Silver Teenager course. 

PRICE: 88 Euros

to be paid latest at the first group class



Dr Sylvie Neis

35 Cité Wuesheck

L-8351 Dahlem

Email: info@nicedogs.lu

Opening Hours:

Monday               closed

Tuesday              10-12 & 14-17h00

Wednesday         10-12 & 14-17h00

Thursday             10-12 & 14-17h00

Friday                  closed

Saturday              10-12 & 13h30-16h00

Sunday                10-12

Saturday and Sunday: only group courses, no individual courses !!