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18.12.2021 - 3.1.2022

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Please be aware that I don't accept dogs in my training or behaviour therapy who are training at the same time in another dog school. Reason is that it will only confuse your dog.

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Conditions to get the best out of the courses and the behaviour therapy !!

- You have a minimum of time per day to dedicate to your dog. 

- You are not afraid of rain and dirt. 

- Your dog is not a house or garden decoration, but a real companion with

   whom you want to spend a good time. 

- You are aware that your dog is not perfect, but you wish to get the best out

   of the training sessions. 

- You wish to have a relation with your dog based on communication and

   joy, instead of using the old and not scientifically founded system of

   dominant and submissive like "I give you commands, and you have to


- You are ready to reward your dog for his work. 

- You don't want to use fear and pain to "control" your dog (Note: This is

   anyhow clearly forbidden by the new animal protection law!!). 

- You are aware of your responsibility for your dog, but also for the society,

   and you are ready to use good training for the respect of your dog. 

- You are ready to train regularly with your dog by using the tools and advice

   that I share with you. 

If you say NO, if you don't have any time, if you don't want to reward your dog, if you only want your dog to stop bothering you without any personal effort, if you don't want or can't fulfill your dog's basic needs, because you always have other excuses, then I am not able to help you and you will only be disappointed by my training way. 

It is either a trainig as a team or we better don't start training!